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Unreasonable Studios


Unreasonable Studios is an award winning global creative production company with seven locations worldwide.

At Unreasonable Studios, there is no compromise.

Their previous design.

Aim: Time for a refresh! Create a brand new logo design to be used by the UNR studios worldwide. 


Design: A fun and exciting visual identity that offers a playful refresh to the company branding. The logo created looks at the idea of the company's new ethos of bespoke, nimble and crafted and was further pushed as a 3D animated piece that lives on all sites by the company. The idea was to create something that matches the company's tone of voice, but still a logo that could be pushed and used in more creative ways - a step away from the past corporate feel. 


Outcome: The logo design idea was a success and selected for global use. The logo branding was then further pushed, with branding colours incorporated in the office space, engraved work merch and an office wall design created by me. 

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