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Ami Vadi is an award-winning London-based Multidisciplinary Designer who channels her ideologies and passions through her impactful designs. Drawing from her studies in Fine Art, Graphic Design, and Film Studies, she blends knowledge and creativity to create meaningful work through personal practise and her client work.

Ami is currently an exclusive member of Converse All Stars and Paul Smith's Foundation, joining a community of inspiring emerging and established artists worldwide. Ami was recently bestowed a BIMA 100 award, she remains committed to shaping the future of Britain's digital industry with her visionary approach.


Ami seeks out every opportunity that sparks her creativity and adds to her ever growing skill set. With her past experience working in award winning post-production studios Ami aims to combine her new-found knowledge to excel in the creative industry through Graphic Design, Motion Design, Illusttation and Art Direction. 



Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration and Motion Design.

"She's got an unrelenting drive to learn and it's an attitude that is going to serve her well throughout what I'm sure will be a glittering and global career. Ami welcomes new avenues of inspiration, new software skills and briefs from different sectors with a refreshing openness. She's determined to explore angles and ideas that she hasn't before and all the while is becoming evermore culturally and creatively articulate. I'm confident that she'll find her definitive voice as a creative and when she does, she'll be pretty unstoppable. Ami is dedicated, eager to learn and passionate about what they do; she'll be an incredibly valuable asset to any creative team she joins in the future."

- Alec Dudson, Founder of Intern

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