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Nike Future DNA

Campaign Art Direction and Design

Past classic. Future precision.

The Future DNA series links up legendary colour-ways with

modern tech to create 4 limited edition mashups


Ideate and create a visual identity for a series of Instagram Posts, Instagram Stories and Website Banners celebrating the release of the Nike Future DNA.



This would be my first solo project designing and conceptualising my own work for roll out for e-commerce. The design needed to be something unique and eye-catching to viewers. Knowing that the followers of these social accounts have seen countless ads for sneakers/boots; I wanted to elevate the experience by creating an interactive ‘reveal’ like post. Collage was the chosen design style, as this would allow me to highlight the uniqueness of each boot by dissecting the features of each release; looking at use of colour, textures, shapes and patterns. To emphasise the fact that these new ‘Future DNA’ are a rebrand on the 2018 Hypervenoms, I played on the concept of a digital ‘upgrade’ with a play on the apple mobile update pop up - this would work really comically for viewers on their mobiles. 



A bold and striking visual identity that celebrates each unique boot. Motion design Instagram posts and Stories that worked to become interactive for viewers. This visual identity was pulled out over website banner designs. The outcome was well received by the team, with well known figures on the social account commenting to express their amazement of the work. 

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