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Kiss Chase

Film Poster Design

When eleven year old Nadine is left out in a game of kiss chase, she realises image is currency and her value is low. On a quest to feminise herself, she finds herself in an unexpected situation she is not prepared for.


Design a Film Poster that incorporates the main title design along with themes of the film in a subtle way.



A simple striking design that holds strong conceptual depth towards the film. The main visual that striked me the most throughout the film was the symbolism of a Daisy flower so this became the main focal point of the design. The title design for the film used Helvetica, so the design needed to work well alongside it. With the design being of a daisy on a red background, I used a texture overlay to tie all the elements of the poster together and add an organic feel to avoid a flat finish. 


A well received film poster design by both the director and the audience. The design worked both portrait and landscape to be used in both print and digital settings.

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