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Jasmine Benedict Photography

Branding Design

A collaborative project exploring the ways in which branding design can be elevated for photographer Jasmine Benedict. 



Create a logo for Photographer Jasmine  Benedict that represents her and her work/style.



 A bespoke logo design that incorporates the gritty raw nature of Jasmine’s work. The main goal Jasmine wanted to achieve was creating a logo that formed a face to link to her heavy use of portraiture work. I abbreviated her company name to JBP (Jasmine Benedict Photography) which then allowed me to play around with creating a face. After locking in a design we were both happy with I began spray painting the logo and segment of the logo to later edit and compose the best outcome. Spray painting and scanning in the segments allowed for a more realistic spray paint design. 



A logo design rolled out over stickers, business cards and promotional packages. I wanted to push this branding project further by creating a more tangible outcome. Jasmine was going to be approaching photography studios for work so I thought it would be a great idea to create promotional packages to send out. I sourced and screen printed the logos onto the envelopes myself which was well received by both Jasmine and her correspondence. 

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