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Generations of Greatness

Lead Campaign Design and Art Direction

Pocc launched its debut campaign, "Generations of Greatness", in November 2019. It aimed to course-correct the narrative regarding the contribution of black and other ethnic-minority people to British society.

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Create a visual identity that could be used over Digital and Print based outlets and incorporates the existing companies brand colours. The design should be able to house the slogan for each person displayed along with their portrait photo. 



A strong and striking campaign that houses the stories of over 20 creatives. Using POCCs colour palette I designed a soft background blending all their colours, this helped house copy and photography without it becoming visually overstimulating. The use of a serif typeface offered an approachable and friendly tone to the design but also offered better legibility for print and OOH purposes. Using motion skills the main slogan design was brought to life with a simple touch to elevate the Digital OOH assets. Photographs were made in Black and White to add a timeless look to the design along with a sticking and powerful feel. 



A successful launch of the campaign. The campaign became national, being viewed on billboards up and down the country. The campaign featured on sites such as Campaign, It’s Nice That and Little Black Book and achieved high levels of views over social media. The campaign was further elevated with a second release of stories, a website was created along with a custom filter on Instagram incorporating the visual identity of the campaign. Further down the line POCC decided to use the visual identity that I created to revamp their Brand Identity and this work is currently being used over their website and social media. 

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