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Editorial Design

Iddo Goldberg is an Israeli-British actor, known for his roles as Ben in Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Freebie Thorne in Peaky Blinders, Isaac Walkton in Salem, and Bennett Knox in Snowpiercer. Not only is Iddo successful as an actor but he also delved into Photography, capturing stunning photos of people and places.


Work with Iddo to collate the best photography from his collection taken in Fairfax Ave 2017-2021 and design and create a Photography Book to be sold in LA. 



Taking inspiration from previous books that Iddo was inspired by, we created a front cover design that was simplistic yet bold and striking with the contrasting colours. The photography was the main focus and the hero photo was used and kept on the front cover. We wanted the photos to speak for themselves so we stripped all types and ordered the photography to be in an order that was breathable and scattered profile and place photography evenly. Each photo held a story to Iddo, so the order was quite important to make sure there was narrative created. 


Iddo was really impressed with the final outcome. The editorial design was well received and went on to become part of the ARTCADE at Fred Segal sunset LA.

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