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Converse x ACW

Social Content

From the future. Ready for winter. This seminal design from Converse x A-COLD-WALL* is an innovative blend of functional utility and progressive style. Brutalist boot design pairs bleeding-edge subversion with seasonal practicality. Featuring a stretch bootie construction, zip-up shroud and elevated, lugged outsole, advanced design unites protection from the elements and ease of entry with avant-garde style.


Aim: Create content to celebrate the release of the ACW x Converse Geo Forma.


Design: I wanted to really push what I could visually achieve with this content. I could have explored 3D motion with the sneakers, but I felt the textures and grittiness of the shoe wouldn't translate the same way - so I decided to physically create a setup that allowed me to record footage of the sneaker dangling and rotating. I would then take this and then manipulate it within Adobe After Effects. Using layered textures, audio, photography, footage and hand drawn assets I created an almost cyber distressed visual identity - that explored the shape, details and aspects of the new sneaker release.

Outcome:  A playful and inviting piece of content, exploring a visual identity inspired for the textures and look of the sneaker itself. The final outcome was well received by the Converse Team and on social media.

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