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The Plastic Ocean

‘The Plastic Ocean’ is a pocket sized editorial, filled with hard hitting facts and figures about the devastating effects of plastic pollution to the ocean.


The book is a condensed response to the comprehensive research made whilst learning more about plastic pollution. Simple in design yet intricate in production processes, the book is made of recycled/recyclable elements making it a sustainable product that promotes a sustainable lifestyle.


It offers an informative yet frustrating experience, with vast layers of reused plastic inserts. Mimicking the excess of plastic used and dumped in the ocean, placing the reader in a position of continuously navigating through the plastic layers to read the book.


The book is then bound with collected plastic bottle rings and completed with a self made resin cover, which incases found plastic; forming a look similar to plastic submerged in water.

Further development of the self initiated project resulted in creating an infographic poster design. The 3D ‘poster box’ highlights key facts from the ‘The Plastic Ocean Book’. Filled with plastic found around University to blur writing, the poster mimics the user experience of the book - creating a cohesive design response to the research. 

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