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‘Generation of Greatness’ is a campaign that celebrates the contributions of black and brown people to British society, by celebrating individuals through the lens of generations that preceded them. 

Featuring portraits of leading names in the creative sector, from Radio 1’s Clara Amfo to filmmaker Eloise King and CEO of creative and experience design at Engine, Ete Davies, the adverts tell the story of each individual’s family heritage, starting with a previous generation. To celebrate the launch of the campaign will be published in Campaign Magazine.


Design Task:

Design and Co-Art Direct POCC’s new campaign ‘Generations of Greatness’. Create visuals that subtly tie into POCC’s branding and can be incorporated into social media and publications assets. 



A campaign that incorporates the POCC branding colours. Black and white imagery was used to prevent visual inconsistency for all profiles. Typefaces ‘Integral CF’ and ‘Copperplate’ are used to contract type segments, Integral offering an easy to read title over all deliverables/assets, and Copperplate bringing a regal feel that ties to history behind each person's story. The campaign design created is easily adapted to social media and print based deliverables.


Featured on:


It’s Nice That

Little Black Book


Generations of Greatness

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